mPower your understanding and discover the unknowns.

How much smarter would your reports be if you could decipher them without needing a degree in analysis?

Now you can easily slice and dice any grouping of performance data to build patterns and profiles. Forget just drilling down into data. With mPower you can drill across, meaning complex associations between diverse items like visits, gaming, food and facilities can now be easily unlocked and understood. Build trends on how patrons use just about any business operations your club may have.

Drive more efficiency and revenues by discovering the unknowns that have always been hidden under mountains of data.

mPower comes pre-loaded with a core suite of reports and filters. You can also add further reports and customise for your club’s specific business needs

Finally, a simple intuitive

tool that puts the power

of reporting and analysis

in the hands of your staff,

anytime and anyplace.