Marina & Yacht Clubs

Marina Focus Marina Focus by Micropower is the complete solution for managing marinas and yacht clubs, including those with commercial service yards.  Already deployed in some of Australia’s most successful yacht clubs and marinas, Marina Focus Marina Management System (MMS) makes daily operations easier whilst improving efficiencies.  Marina Focus Service Yard Management System (SYMS) is the perfect solution for customers wanting a product that will accurately manage the costing, quoting, tracking and invoicing of service yard jobs.

Powerful marina management tool

Many of Australia’s most successful marinas and yacht clubs have installed Micropower’s Marina Focus Marina Management System (MMS) to help them achieve greater operational efficiencies.  Day-to-day operations are made easier by providing managers with relevant information and reducing duplication of tasks.  Marina Focus MMS is a modern marina management system which is powerful enough to provide the tools to successfully manage the marina and maximise its revenue, yet is quick and easy to use.

Simplify processes

Micropower’s products help streamline the daily operations of marinas and yacht clubs.  Our Marina Focus MMS can eliminate unnecessary duplication of tasks by automating time-consuming processes such as invoicing and reminders for insurance and registration renewals.  By having all of your information in one place, you are able to reduce time spent on administration with some marinas saving up to 20 hours per week and thereby reducing labour costs significantly.

Track boat movements

MMS covers all types of marina and yacht club operations and can be used for permanent agreements, casual bookings, berth management and boat movements.  Boat movements are tracked on a graphical interface that links to customer records, boat records, financial information and more.  There is also an easy-to-use diary that all staff can access so that everyone can see at a glance what is happening on any given day.

Better bottom line

Increasing revenue and improving cash flow is an important function in any business and Marina Focus MMS can help you do this by providing timely and relevant reports.  You can better manage occupancy of berths and maximise revenue through the scheduling feature.  You can also compare actual with potential revenue by both berth type and berth.  This will enable you to better manage your cash flow and forecast revenue more accurately.  The ability to check that agreements have been paid means you keep your debtors under control and results in an enhanced bottom line.  The pricing analysis feature automatically checks the correct prices are being charged for each berth, reducing the possibility of incorrect charges due to human error.

Complete solution

Managers and owners retain control by having relevant information provided in a timely manner.  Because Marina Focus MMS integrates with other solutions such as Financials, Membership and Point of Sale, Micropower can provide the complete solution for managing your marina or yacht club.

Managing service yard jobs

Micropower’s Marina Focus Service Yard Management System (SYMS) is designed to make the day-to-day management of commercial boat yards more efficient and cost effective.  This product has been developed as a result of feedback received from customers wanting a solution that would accurately and efficiently manage the costing, quoting, tracking and invoicing of service yard jobs.

Easily manage daily operations

Marina Focus SYMS is an extension to our Marina Focus MMS and can be purchased together or as an optional extra if you already have the marina management system.  SYMS creates standard job and task templates, generates a work queue to easily manage the daily operations of a service yard, has simple-to-use functionality to produce Estimates, Work Orders and Job Sheets as well as provides estimates on jobs.

Control costs

Marina Focus SYMS also captures actual labour and materials used on individual tasks, creates invoices from jobs carried out, seamlessly posts invoices to Micropower Financials and has export capabilities to other financial packages.  Like MMS, Marina Focus SYMS supports a graphical scheduler to intuitively allow real time scheduling of haul out machines and cradles.  It enables efficient usage of valuable hauling machines and cradles, maintains a list of pending jobs to substitute for ‘no shows’ and generates reminders for recurring jobs such as antifouling which is repeated every year.

One-stop shop

Micropower’s Marina Focus MMS and SYMS combined provide the complete solution for managing marinas with commercial boat yards.  Because they automatically synchronise with other Micropower solutions, Micropower is able to provide a first rate, enterprise solution for yacht clubs and marinas.

More than just a number

The ability to efficiently manage your membership database is the key to the success of any yacht club.  By using Micropower’s Club Manager Membership, you can not only create a central database for all member details but you also have a powerful device for managing customer relationships.

Create any number of membership categories and keep statistics on the number of members in each one.  The easy-to-use waiting list feature enables you to easily manage your memberships by notifying you when vacancies occur.  You can also produce reports to show waitlisted applicants in priority order.

Administering membership subscriptions

A powerful feature of the system is the ease of managing membership subscriptions.  Within each membership category, you can have annual, half-yearly, quarterly or monthly billing.  You can also set up any number of other charges such as locker hire and affiliation fees.  The Club Manager has the flexibility to create any number of accounts which can be used for things such as membership subscriptions, house levies and bar accounts.  Once transactions have been posted to the nominated account, separate or combined statements can be produced as necessary.

Invoices are generated on an annual or cyclical basis as required, with a range of standard formats available or a custom designed format can be developed to suit your requirements.  Instalment plans can also easily be set up for any number of payments over any period of time.  Additionally, there is a direct debit feature which allows you to manage payments made by members directly into the club bank account.  The system keeps track of payments due, provides a report which may be sent to the bank and automatically updates the member’s account.

Seamless Synchronisation

Because Club Manager Membership synchronises with Marina Focus MMS, changes made in one system are automatically updated in the other.  Any charges made in Marina Focus are transferred to Membership, offering a complete solution for Managers.

World Wide Web

Micropower’s Marketing Solutions offer a range of options to help Club Managers communicate with their members.  A strong internet presence is a must for building and maintaining your membership base.  It is a vital link between a club and its members, as well as an important means of attracting new business to other areas of the club.

Micropower’s Club Space Website Solution is the ultimate marketing device.  Our websites are professionally developed and designed so that visitors to your site can easily find the information they need.  With Micropower’s Content Management System, Club Space, it is easy to update your website by adding and removing images, updating text and creating photo galleries to keep your site fresh and interesting.

You can also promote special events on your website.  These promotions are easily managed by scheduling in advance what dates you want your events to be shown and the system does the rest.

“Members Only” access

By incorporating Micropower’s Club Link into your web design, you can have “members only” pages where you can feature exclusive content such as newsletters, special member events and more.  This can also be a way of reducing your administrative tasks as members will have the ability to perform important tasks such as updating details and making membership fee payments online.

Micropower’s Marketing solutions, when used in conjunction with our other solutions, such as Membership and Financials, can not only improve communications with your members but can also reduce your administrative tasks, saving your staff time and your organisation money.

Managing events with ease

Micropower’s Functions Booking Solution contains a range of useful features to help you manage functions and events at your venue.  The system has the ability to simplify your bookings and quotes, better allocate staff and automate your invoicing.  Save time in processing quotes and improve the accuracy of your bookings with our easy to use function diary.  This can be viewed by all staff, giving anyone the ability to see current availability at a glance and reducing the chances of a double booking.

You can also easily create task lists for yourself or allocate tasks to other employees, thus enhancing your ability to effectively manage staff members.  Through the diary, you can easily amend an event time or duplicate events over a number of days.  Functions are flagged in the diary to show a different colour depending on the status, e.g. enquiry, tentative, confirmed or cancelled.

Simple invoicing

Invoicing is made easier as Micropower’s Function Bookings allow you to charge customers in a number of ways such as at a flat rate or charged to individual members.  Plus, if you have Micropower’s Financials Solutions, the amounts for each function item are automatically entered into the general ledger saving staff time and reducing the possibility of error.

It also integrates with our Point of Sale Solutions so that deposits and other charges made at the point of sale can be posted to the event account and will be reflected on the invoice.

Club Events Online Event Registration

With Club Events, members are able to login and register for any club based events from the comfort of home.  Club Events enhances the member experience by providing added convenience with event entry charges able to be automatically posted to a member’s account.  Members receive email confirmation of any bookings made.  It also helps the club’s event staff manage club functions with easy-to-use templates, reports and waitlist facilities.

Micropower’s Functions & Events Bookings Solutions ticks all the boxes when it comes to managing functions and events.

Work smarter, not harder

Micropower’s Operations Solution gives you the capacity to control costs while improving efficiency and increasing sales.  Having a fully automated system for controlling your stock and ordering systems will ensure you have accurate and reliable data always at your fingertips.  The system provides a fully transactional ledger of stock movements with in-coming stock, items issued and stock transferred easily recorded.  Purchase orders can also be generated automatically.

The system provides for periodic stock-taking, and includes a range of reports and audit trails.  Because stock control integrates with Micropower’s Financials Solution, you maintain control whilst minimising double handling of data.

F&B Operations

Micropower’s POS system does more than just process point of sale transactions.  It can be used as a complete restaurant management device.  Table service is more efficient by having graphical floor plans on display.  Flexible printing options ensure kitchen staff are kept informed and orders are processed faster.

Improving operational efficiencies result in a better bottom line for your business.  By combining Micropower’s Operations Solutions with other solutions such as Financials and Human Resource Management, you will be able to reduce data entry time whilst improving accuracy of information. .

Improving efficiency

Ease of access to information, the ability to reconcile and clear audit trails are paramount for efficiency in any business.  Micropower’s Financial Solutions cut through your data entry time and ensure you receive accurate and up-to-date information when you need it.

Seamless outcomes

Every aspect of this system works seamlessly together.  Our Financial Solution will handle all of your regular accounting tasks with ease; from creditors and debtors ledgers, to cash flow reporting and even your asset register.  Any payments made for invoices are process in Financials and are transferred to Marina Focus MMS.  Our system makes everything a breeze including BAS requirements and end of year reporting.

Focussing on budgets & forecasts

Formulating budgets and producing forecasts is made easier with Micropower’s Financials Solutions.  Budgets can be established for each account either by individual month or by automatic allocation based on the annual total.  The actual monthly movements and budget figures can be copied to the forecast values for each account, allowing easy comparison of the budget and actual resulting in more accurate forecasts.  Both budgets and forecasts can be prepared in excel and imported into the system.

Another useful tool for managing your club, Micropower’s Cash Flow Reporting gives you management control like never before.  You can forecast your closing bank balance for every month, giving you a better idea of your forecasted financial position.  You can also compare your forecast to your actual cash flow quickly and easily.

Because Micropower’s Financial Solution integrates smoothly with our other Solutions such as Marina Focus MMS, Membership, Functions and HR Solutions, your staff can save time and minimise errors, thereby improving your bottom line.

Managing your most valuable resources

Human Resource Management is one of the biggest expenses in any business.  Having a comprehensive and accurate reporting system is the key to managing your employees in a cost effective manner.  Micropower’s Human Resource Management Solutions provide an easy-to-use, central repository for all of your employee records, including training needs, leave entitlements and health records.

Because this system has individual logins and passwords for managers, sensitive information is kept confidential.  This means that you can store all of the information you previously held in separate files in one, secure location electronically.

Payroll & rostering made easy

Human Resource Management also integrates with our Rostering and Payroll solutions, thereby offering a one-stop-shop for managing your employees.  Micropower’s Payroll Solution will automatically calculate your employees’ wages – all you have to know is what hours your staff worked.

Because all of the relevant state and federal awards have been pre-installed, the system automatically calculates any relevant penalties and deductions such as uniforms and meals.  In addition, because payroll and rostering integrate, you can easily measure any variances and better manage your organisation’s biggest expense.

You only have to administer one employee record for ease of management and to reduce the possibility of errors.  Our rostering saves time in generating rosters by automating much of the process.  It ensures you always have staff with relevant qualifications, e.g. RSA, on site and creates a fairer system by distributing rosters evenly and according to availability.

Micropower’s fully integrated solution can be used as a key tool to help progress staff through your business to reduce staff turnover and wage expenses and, because you are only entering the information once, you save time and money.

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